Clean and Beautiful Resources

FY21 NMCB Grant Resources

FY21 NMCB Grant Guidelines

Initial Disbursement Invoice Template

Youth Employment Verification Form

Budget Amendment Request (BAR) Template

BAR Scope of Work Template

Budget Amendment Requests FAQ

Project Expense Worksheet

End of Year (EOY) Report

Final Reimbursement Invoice Template

Recorded Webinars

Introduction to FY21 (recording/slides)

Budget Amendment Requests - (recording/slides)

SurveyMonkey Portal Training - (recording/slides)

Quarterly Milestone Reports - (recording/slides)

KNMT Logo Use (upcoming)

NM Clean and Beautiful 2020 State Meeting

Keep America Beautiful

Benefits of KAB Affiliation (recording/slides1/slides2)

Become a KAB Affiliate

President's Circle Requirements

President's Circle Work Plan

KAB Volunteer Portal Instructions

KAB COVID-Safe Practices

Additional information about the New Mexico Clean and Beautiful program can be found at the NM Tourism Department website.