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Find the grant program that works best for you! New Mexico True offers four programs to assist partners with marketing their destinations and visitor experiences, building and maintaining attractive communities, and developing profitable and sustainable tourism products. Click on the links below to learn more; check eligibility requirements; and access application forms, deadlines, and criteria. Thank you for your interest and all you do for New Mexico. We look forward to working together!

Cooperative Marketing and Advertising: With a 2-to-1 dollar match* (*Awards pending funding outcomes of 2023 Legislative Session) and access to preferred media rates, "CoOp" supports your efforts to attract visitors to the destination and its visitor experiences. Award recipients leverage the power of New Mexico True and its marketing muscle, building on millions of cumulative brand impressions and underscoring our position as the primary destination for venturesome travelers. Learn more about the Cooperative Marketing & Advertising grant program HERE.

New Mexico Clean & Beautiful: The purpose of the New Mexico “Litter Control and Beautification Act,” NMSA 1978, § 67-16-1 et seq., is to control litter by authorizing the New Mexico Tourism Department (NMTD) to eliminate litter from New Mexico to the maximum practical extent through a state-coordinated plan of education, control, prevention, and elimination. Therefore, NMTD distributes funds throughout the state to fulfill program goals and objectives that promote citizen engagement, reduce blight, and further beautification and waste diversion efforts, keeping New Mexico a clean and beautiful place to live, work, and play. Learn more about the New Mexico Clean and Beautiful program HERE.

Destination Forward Grant Program: The Destination Forward Grant Program is composed of two complementary tiers: TierI: Planning, Design and Programming and the TierII: Construct, Equip, Modernize and Renovate. The purpose of the Destination Forward Program is to support tourism infrastructure projects within New Mexico by helping New Mexican communities become and sustain viable tourism destinations. The program provides matching funding to tourism stakeholders within New Mexico to support the implementation of viable tourism infrastructure projects. Learn more about the Destination Forward Grant Program HERE.

Tourism Event Growth & Sustainability Program (TEGS): This program provides technical assistance (Event Accelerator), sponsorship (Event Sponsorship), and marketing and advertising (CoOp Events Marketing Program) to tourism events within New Mexico to support their growth and improvement. Learn more about the Tourism Event Growth & Sustainability Program HERE.

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